ELAC theatre arts director encourages students

Mission Towards Excellence—ELAC’s professor and director of theatre arts Rodney Lloyd Scott encourages students to aim high in their education. (CN/Ashley Leon)
Mission Towards Excellence—ELAC’s professor and director of theatre arts Rodney Lloyd Scott encourages students to aim high in their education. (CN/Ashley Leon)

By Ashley Leon

To entertain an audience is one of the greatest joys of East Los Angeles College’s Theater Professor and Director, Rodney Lloyd Scott.

Scott is an adjunct professor and has been directing close to 18 years,the last seven years being here at ELAC.

He has been a casting director and actor in productions such as Champion Sound (2008), Multiple (2008) and Closer (2004).

He said the person that truly gave him the jumpstart he needed for his career in the entertainment industry would be Kelly Hogan, ELAC professor and director.

“She started me in this game. She gave me the love and then I’ve had other teachers that really helped me along the way. But it really started with her,” Scott said.

At Compton College, Scott was given the opportunity by Kelly Hogan to direct a show for the first time.

Once he began, it was like a firework was lit. He said from that point on, it has become history.

For the past four years Scott has also been teaching at Garfield High school. He invites and encourages high school students to watch shows at ELAC.

“It cultures them and lets them know what’s out there. It’s not just what’s here in our neighborhood. We can do other things. We can strive. We can achieve. We can be success and no one can stop us unless we consent,” Scott said.

Scott gives advice to his students not only through words of inspiration, but by studying techniques as well.

His goal is to motivate students into pursuing excellence rather than settling on being average.

He said one technique he uses on the first day of class is called “SQ3R,” which stands for: Survey, Questions, Read, Recite and Review.

The main goal is to recognize the importance of receiving A’s and B’s rather than C’s. He said C’s should not be the grades students strive for.  “C’s are average. And you are not average,” he said.

This motivation is not aimed only toward theater students, but all students.

Rodney is currently in the middle of the production, “Kindred.” His longtime friend Daniel Keleher wrote the play for Scott to act in.

“This piece we are currently showing is very special to me because of the writer in this piece.

“I’ve acted in some of his plays and now I’m directing one of his plays, his name is Daniel Keleher. He wrote this piece for me to act in,” Scott said.

Scott encourages people to watch this show as it means so much to him.

Knowing his audiences appreciate and enjoy the shows which he produces is one of the most important factors in his career, he said.

This is one show he said he is blessed to have the honor of directing.

“Of all my shows that people have seen, if they liked them they definitely want to see this one. [Be] cause I have a Kindred connection to it,” Scott said.

Scott continues to motivate and always advises students to never to give up on their dreams, because anyone is capable.

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