South Gate library offers helpful workshops

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By Sandy Gamino and Vanessa Meza

The South Gate library at East Los Angeles Colege offers many workshops in which students are able to acquire beneficial skills.

Librarians June Cheng, Gabriela Lopez, and Karen Bourgaize are the instructors. Workshops last up to an hour and take place in Room 109.

These workshops are designed to help students gain resources that will help them in their classes.  The question is, do students take advantage of these free workshops?

Not many students attend workshops. “Maybe five sign-up and only two show up, unless their professor tells them to go for extra credit,” said Cheng.

She also stated that not many students are motivated to attend even though they have fliers around the school announcing these workshops. She believes these workshops are a great resource for students who have trouble in these areas.

“In order to attend these workshops all you need is your mind, body and motivation,” said Cheng.  The school provides students what they need for a workshop, so no extra materials are needed.

Workshops are taught in a classroom environment. This provides more individual attention toward students and they are able to learn the material better.

The maximum number of students per workshop is 30, but sometimes it depends on how many computers are available.

The workshops help students learn the basics. This includes learning how to properly research material and web based material, using  articles, E-books and  data base and how to properly use the library.

Cheng said the one thing she would like to change about the workshops is that more students attend to take advantage of these  skills and put them to use in their classes. The motivation isn’t high in the students.

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