ProbCause reaches to audience with new sounds


By Cynthia Laguna

Adding a little of a mixture between punk rock and jazz, ProbCause releases his album Waves to a much bigger audience.

The 10-track album reflects ProbCause versatility as he experiments with a mixture of different genres to hip hop beats, from blues, rock, and electronic.

Waves, is a perfect album to listen to this summer. It features artists like Chance The Rapper, Twista, Gibbz and excellent production with EXMAG, Two Fresh and more.

“Meditate” opens the album with mellow and groovy sounds. The background to the song includes an electric guitar that blends together with the smooth sound of his voice making this a great first song that sets the mood for the rest.

“Neon Dreams” gives the listener a chill feel to the album. The beats are smooth with electronic beats but that listeners can vibe with.

The highlight of the album is “Chicago Style.” The track features rapper Twista which sets off this dark hip hop sound and halfway through the track it transitions to a more upbeat sound. ProbCause together with Twista make sure they represent what city they come from.

Twista introduces the new Chicago artist, ProbCause, making this a strong song with strong lyrics and beats.

In this album he mixes electronic beats, hip hop beats, piano, and trumpet loops into some songs that gives the listener a feel of what makes this artist stand out. His fresh sounding music along with smooth flow makes this album a must be heard.

Another great track in the album is called “Breezy,” featuring rapper Gibbz. The song is another banger with sounds that will make anybody move to it.

The latter part of the album incorporate that jazzy sound that makes the EP have the Chicago style ProbCause is all about.

“Pale Moonlight” featuring KSRA and Donnie Trumpet and One of a Kind featuring The O’MY’S, both are tracks that play with jazz beats including a trumpet, and the piano. Both songs are the strongest part of the album that really reflects ProbCause style.

His smooth vocals and style can remind listeners of Chance The Rapper, another Chicago rapper who collaborates with him in “LSD.”

The album closes strong with “LSD” includes synth-bass and keyboard riffs that manage to summarize the versatility of the album in one song. The song talks about running along the edge of Lake Michigan referred to as “LSD” in the song, which might have more meaning than just celebrating the streets of Chicago.

The combination of different genres translated into a hip- hop makes Waves a must listen album this summer with perfect smooth, vibes to enjoy.

With his own design of the album cover, ProbCause intends to merge visual arts world with the hip- hop world.

Not only is he a rapper but also a painter and animator.

ProbCause’s album came out on May 13 and is available to download for free at:



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