Construction at East Los Angeles College undergoes important changes

By Maria Isidoro

Construction at East Los Angeles College is undergoing major changes with the addition of three new buildings.

ELAC President Marvin Martinez said that two of the buildings will be available for use fall 2015.

The Student Success and Retention Center at the center of the campus, will stand at five stories and contain about 130,000 square feet.

“When this building is completed, it will be the largest building in Los Angeles Community College District,” Martinez said.

The Student Success building will also be the largest building in the state. It is expected to be completed in June 2015, and will house five different departments, including Liberal Arts, Humanities and English.

The new building will offer a variety of services to students, such as tutoring from the Learning Assistance Center.

Martinez said that the purpose of this building is to offer a “store of education” where students can receive different services in one location.

The Campus Student Center located in front of the library is scheduled to open in fall 2015. It will include the bookstore, a new campus cafeteria and a conference center where both students and faculty will have access.

The Associated Student Union, the student government of ELAC, will have new offices in this building as well.

“It will become the central place for many students,” Martinez said. This area will be designated for students to take a break and relax before they get back to their studies.

According to Martinez, buildings G-8 and H-8 will also be redone and modernized in order to house both the Anthropology and Earth Sciences departments.

His goal is to relocate all faculty, staff and students from the bungalows into the three buildings coming soon.

Once the summer of 2015 is on the door, students will be asked to transfer into the new buildings, Martinez said. In which, he is planning to completely remove the bungalows next to the Men’s Gym for future construction plans.

The third building will be the Science Careers and Mathematics, and the estimated completion date is for spring 2017.

This master plan that ELAC main campus developed is to serve more students than today and modernized the campus with this new green facilities, Martinez said.

If there are no unforeseen situations with the construction, ELAC will most likely be hosting a grand opening for the brand new buildings in the fall 2015, Martinez said.

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