Roberto Chavez exhibits work at Vincent Price Art Museum

CN/Julianne Obregon

By Julianne Obregon 

The Vincent Price Art Museum had many people fill the large gallery for the opening reception of the Roberto Chavez and the False University: A Retrospective exhibition that included a walkthrough with the artist Roberto Chavez on Sept. 13.

Chavez is a big contributor to the Chicano art movement in East Los Angeles. Chavez’ collection of different art forms earned him recognition at the Vincent Price Art Museum.

His art expresses a variety of emotions ranging from peaceful moods and liveliness to those of distress.

Eager people filled the Large Gallery waiting for the opportunity to participate in a walkthrough with Chavez.

The first portraits Chavez presented to start the walkthrough are three self-portraits: The Artist As Tokyo Joe (1959), Self-Portrait in Blue(1963), and Self-Portrait with Beard (1979).

Each self-portrait ranged in texture, size and color and displayed the change in techniques used by Chavez.

The color of each portrait was selected based on the art materials and colors available to Chavez.

The artwork will be on display at VPAM until Dec. 6.

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