Meditation helps students cope with stress


By Cynthia Laguna

Meditation has become more popular in recent years and can be used as a stress-relieving exercise.

We all undergo great stress as a result of work, school and homework.

Meditation can help the mind cope with stress and overall emotional experiences.

This is basically a practice where one sits comfortably, concentrates on their breathing, and tries to control the mind to focus on the present, without thinking about their problems or concerns.

Many might brush off the idea as some “hippie” sort of ritual, but taking some time to silence the mind from all the daily distractions can help relieve stress.

I began reading about the benefits of yoga and meditation online and decided to give it a try.

I began meditating every night, or at least tried to, as well as trying to exercise when I had some free time. At first it was difficult to quiet the mind because it began bringing up all these thoughts of school, work, and bills.

Throughout the days I advanced in meditation little by little, and each time I would finish meditating, I would open my eyes and almost forget that I was on my bedroom floor.

I began feeling motivated with energy to exercise and to go throughout my day without feeling super exhausted.

John Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, conducted about 19,000 meditation studies to suggest that mindfulness meditation can help mitigate stress issues such as anxiety, depression and pain.

Meditation can help students think in a more productive way. It can help change those unproductive thoughts to productive actions.

It might all be just a mental thing, but when do we really take some time to fully concentrate without constantly being taunted by all of our daily worries?

Students can always arrange some free time to involve some productive activities.

Meditation can be practiced everywhere: after working out, before sleeping, after waking up, or maybe even at the park. It only takes about five minutes, and with progress it enables your mind to concentrate for longer periods of time .

Another activity that can also help relieve stress is yoga. Luckily, East Los Angeles College offers a yoga class in which no one is required to have past experience. The class is one unit and counts toward your physical education transfer requirement for UC and CSU. The class is offered in the morning or afternoon.

Yoga focuses on physical and breathing exercises. It helps with development in flexibility and building strength in the skeletal, muscular, and nervous system. It reduces stress and improves energy levels. Students can practice concentration and on focusing by using meditation techniques.

These are just some suggestions than can help relieve stress in students during their free time at home.

Meditation and yoga classes can be found throughout the Los Angeles area, which are only five or ten dollars a session. It is an inexpensive way for students with a budget to seek positive activities that can benefit them to a live healthier lifestyle.

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