ELAC’s South Gate campus changes plans, relocates site

By Ivan Cazares

Plans are being finalized for the a new location for East Los Angeles College’s South Gate campus.

This building will replace South Gate’s current educational facility which is being leased by Los Angeles Community College District.

The use of a leased facility is a disadvantage for the college because it will not receive additional funding.

ELAC plans to have the new campus reach satellite center status before it opens its doors.

This will allow the campus to receive funding separate from the main campus.

The new campus will accommodate 9,000 students when completed, which is close to the enrollment at a small college like Los Angeles Mission College. In 1985, the total enrollment of students was 9,000.

“All of the city of South Gate’s concerns have been addressed and the city has been very supportive,” ELAC President Marvin Martinez said.

South Gate has plans to make the Firestone corridor, where the current campus is located visually appealing, in hopes of attracting new businesses.

Martinez said ELAC’s new campus would fit right into that plan.

The new campus will be built on the 18.5 acre property located across the street from the current South Gate campus.

Last semester Dean of South Gate Al Rios mentioned the school’s plan to tear down the building located at the rear of the property.

Martinez said that plans have changed again and that the largest building on the property, which faces Firestone, will be torn down instead.

Having the campus face Firestone will give students better access to the new facilities and will help the city with its plans.

“The city of South Gate is a partner,” Martinez said. “South Gate is urging us to get the word out on the new campus. They even suggested painting the school’s name on the city’s water tower for advertisement.”

Martinez plans to establish a presidential task force. The task force will help establish goals for South Gate beyond the completion of the new building.

ELAC has been planning to replace its South Gate campus since 2003.

The timeline for the completion of the new campus still remains the same. ELAC plans to have a design by the end of the year and begin construction by summer/fall 2016. The construction will be completed by spring 2019 and classes to be offered by summer 2019.

“If there is any opportunity to move the timeline up, I’ll be sure to do it,” said Martinez.

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  1. To whom this may concern,

    I am one of the employees working across the street of the Firestone building that was suppose to be the relocation of Elac center. I was wondering if the plan is still going to happen ? What is going on with the building across from SGEC??

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