Litterers deny students’ clean campus

By Russell Zazueta

From bushes to planting-strips to underneath benches, scraps of garbage flutter in the wind everywhere at East Los Angeles College, and it will deter the minds of new student prospects from enrolling.

A cleaner campus is an ideal that officials from the Strategic Planning Committee at ELAC should improve awareness on.

Implementation of effective signage around campus to inform students that there is a responsibility in keeping our campus clean is an important endeavor for the sake of ELAC’s reputation and progression of new-student enrollment.

During school hours, the planting-strips behind buildings E-7 and F-7 are filled with crinkled event fliers, smashed potato chip bags, paper cups from Yogurtland as well as other trash. It looks like sections of the trashy wayside of the Pomona 60 Freeway.

Litterers who exist on campus hide their dirty habit well. No one catches them in the act. They speak of these litterers    as if they were ghosts, or as a weird phenomenon that only happens when they’re not around.

This phenomenon continues to happen around campus everyday. Thanks to Plant Facilities, there are many trash cans spread throughout campus – in areas like the Stadium parking lot and every level of either parking garages.

Despite the Plant Department’s effort to reduce litter by adding more trash cans, people still find it easier to throw trash on the ground.

Around the K-5 and K-7 buildings, trash cans and recyclable waste bins are placed nearby benches and vending machines to prevent careless people from throwing their food-wrappers on the ground.

They’re also there to minimize the mess of empty soda cans and plastic bottles that are sometimes left on benches or rolling on the pavement.

Students, professors and administrators at ELAC need to understand that they are a representation of what the community has to offer the world.

A college that doesn’t take pride is going to see its student enrollment decline to other community colleges with a cleaner looking campus.

It’s also evident that even with the placement of trash cans at the ends of these rows in the   stadium parking, some people continue to litter no matter what.

Worse, the mess they leave behind creates a horrible first impression for newcomers   and visitors who choose to park their car there.

Maybe placing signs at ELAC that convey the message “Please do not litter,” or “Help keep ELAC clean” can be a way to encourage students, who have lost their sense of moral responsibility, to avoid littering.

Signs like these should be placed in areas around campus where the traffic is heavy and near trash cans.

Next time there’s trash lying on the ground near a garbage can, do ELAC a service and demonstrate Husky pride by throwing it inside the trash can.

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