Pedestrians disrupt cart pathways

By Jesus Figueroa

Driving the electric carts on campus can be a pain due to people not paying attention to where they are going and blocking pathways.

It seems that more and more people are distracted by their cell phones, talking to friends or even looking at what’s going on with the construction on campus rather than paying attention to what they are doing and where they are going.

To drive the cart, a form and training is involved. The main parts of the form explain safety.

Those who drive the carts must be cautious of their surroundings, drive no faster than eight miles per hour, when permitted, and keep a safe distance from pedestrians.

It sometimes gets frustrating and difficult when large groups of people decide to walk side by side and block the entire pathway. Getting around people becomes impossible and driving at a speed of one mile per hour defeats the purpose of using the cart.

Maybe walking side by side isn’t necessary and groups of students can leave enough room for a cart to get around them with caution.

Even more frustrating is when people don’t notice the carts, due to being busy on their cellphones while they walk. It seems that some people don’t know how to walk and text at the same time. It becomes a hazard not only to the carts, but to people walking as well because those same people bump into others.

Just like drivers have to pull to the side to use their phones before continuing driving, pedestrian should do the same so they don’t stumble upon others.

Someone almost walked into my parked cart by the G-7 building because they were on their cellphone texting or looking something up.

It’s not only embarrassing to have that happen, but ridiculous as well.

Walkways, like the one leading to the B2 bungalows, which are marked carts only are used by pedestrians even when there is a pedestrian walk way right next to it.

There is really no excuse, ignorance is not an excuse it’s a problem.

Accidents do happen and with the construction on campus it becomes tough to get around on foot or on the cart.

Just like those on carts should be cautious, those on foot should be cautious.

Both pedestrians and drivers should also be courteous.

Passengers that are not meant to be on carts should not be allowed on them either. Sometimes the distraction may cause a driver to cause an accident.

Only people who need assistance to get to class should be taken on carts anyway.

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