Voice actors make ‘Big Hero 6’ diverse


By Jesus Figueroa

Marvel superheroes meet Walt Disney style animation and storytelling telling a children’s story with a superhero aspect in “Big Hero 6,” out in theaters Nov. 7.

The film stars Ryan Potter, voice of Hiro Hamado, Daniel Henney, voice of Tadashi Hamado, who play brothers.

Potter takes on a role, which has him interacting with a robot for the majority of the time.

Henney plays the older brother, which tries to help set his younger brother on the right path.

Scott Adsit voices Baymax, the health care robot Tadashi invents, and brings together the animated film.

Adsit takes on the challenge of making a robot relatable and charismatic so audiences don’t get bored.

Genesis Rodriguez, voice of Honey Lemon, Jamie Chung, voice of Go Go Tomago, T.J. Miller, voice of Fred, Damon Wayans Jr., voice of Wasabi, support the stars with magnificent, funny and energetic voice acting which combine well to bring the hero team together.

Rodriguez comes into her first voice-acting role and is challenged with voicing a character, which is both intelligent and free spirited.

Chung takes her character from being aggressive to being likable and fascinating.

Miller voices a hyperactive character obsessed with super heroes and their mythology.

Wayans Jr. voices a character who is up tight and needs to have things planned out and makes him funny and charismatic.

The cast takes on a Marvel story which meshes the superhero storyline and background story of a hero squad, with Disney story twist.

The story shows great emotion, fantastic action scenes and riveting moments.

“Big Hero 6” is an animated film rated PG.

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