Enterpreneur Club to play host to special guest speaker event

By Marcus Camacho

The “Business Communications: Getting Your Point Across” will discuss business communication and business with an emphasis on entrepreneurship to the students.

This event is at noon in Building G-301C on Oct.28. The venue has been moved from F-7 109 because of being unsure of the turnout and the fan base for this event.

The purpose of the event is to motivate and inspire the students to the reality of communicating.

The event is not meant for just the Entrepreneur Club members or the department. It’s meant for every student, regardless of major.

The president of the club Sidney M. Johnson will have Kimberly Cheng, News Reporter from KTLA5, as a special guest speaker at the event.

Cheng joined KTLA in 2013 and is an L.A. native.

Cheng is a graduate from the University of Southern California, where she earned a double-degree in broadcast journalism and political science.

Before joining KTLA, Cheng was a fill-in anchor, reporter and multimedia journalist at an ABC affiliate in Phoenix.

Cheng also worked at the CBS affiliate in Palm Springs, California. She has had many job, such as anchor, producer, reporter and red carpet host.

Johnson says people are losing connectivity with others which is an important component in the world of business.

“Kimberly and I speak about this generation’s lack of connectivity in communicating. Since the takeover of cell phones, texting and the internet there is a void to hold conversations,” Johnson said.

Johnson had help from his primary Advisor Adjunct Professor Frank Aguirre, who works at the Mayor’s Office for the Mayor of Los Angeles and now teaches an advertising class at East Los Angeles College.

The clubs cabinet consist of Vice President Kenya Lopez, who helped pulling together fine details for the event and Vice- President of Marking and Communication Yesenia Salazar, who created the flyers and posters for the event.

Cheng will be the only speaker during the event. The event is scheduled for an hour and will provide free food and beverages.

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