Fearless Records releases vol. 6 of ‘Punk Goes’ series


By Juan Ramirez

Fearless Records adds to its “Punk Goes” series with Punk Goes Pop Vol.6 with new covers of Billboard topping hits.

Fearless Records first announced a new Punk Goes album was in the works on August 14 not saying much about it but details were soon to come.

A couple of months after the announcements on October 13, the album cover and the track list were released to their ongoing Punk Goes Pop series, later releasing an album teaser with a music video.

The music video was the ‘We Came As Romans’ cover of “I Knew You Were Trouble,” originally performed by Taylor Swift.

The series consists of rock bands covering new popular songs and the selected bands add or give the song its style or spin on the song.

‘We Came As Roman’ cover of “I Knew You Were Trouble” kept many of the songs original elements and expanded on them.

The original guitar riff was sped up and gives a metal core  feel. They also added break down during the chorus.

And they got the WCAR touch with their signature vocal switches by their two front men Dave Stephens and Kyle Pavone.

Then ‘August Burn Red’ cover of “Wrecking Ball” switched up the piano with metal-like guitar riff .

The guitar riff was done by guitar duo Brent Rambler and JB Brubaker.

Then Miley Cyrus lyrics were amped up with the screams and part growl vocal styles of Jake Luhrs.

The series has been ongoing since its first release in 2002 with Punk Goes Pop.

Fearless Records believed the series was a stretch and would not take off. Since it was the second addition to their Punk Goes series with 2000’s ”Punk Goes Metal” being the first of the installment.

Now they have gone 16 albums strong which featured many different themes such as Punk Goes: Acoustic, 80s, 90s, Crunk, Classic Rock, X, and Christmas.

Fearless Records offered their fans a variety of bands doing covers of the hits of the era and current time.

“Punk Goes Pop Vol.6” is another great addition to the ongoing series which you should totally check out and give a listen to.

Some of the songs the listeners should definitely check out are, “Wrecking Ball” covered by August Burns Red, “I Knew You Were Trouble” covered by We Came As Romans and “Sweater Weather” covered by Slaves.

These are the songs that I believe not only stood out in this album but also are what made this album a pleasant listening experience overall.

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