Speech team to offer showcase

By Joel Arellano

The award-winning Speech and Debate team is bringing the night of drama, comedy, and poetry to the Proscenium Theatre on Dec 9 and 11.

Traditionally there is a one night  showcase at the end of each semester, but this year there will be two nights.

Members of the speech team are preparing themselves for a chance to perform, since space to participate is limited.

“Although not all members perform, all team members are involved. They work the venue and will be in charge of preparing the event. Only one fifth of the team competes, but we are all a part of it,” said two year member Manuel Haro.

“Those who are consistently showing their dedication, and continuosly improving and have a high interest, will be considered to participate.”

The most prepared and refined will be taking part of this special event.

Peer coach Junior Herrera, who was a member of the team for two years, and now a peer coach said that there will be a lot displayed on stage. There will be Prose’s, dramatic arts, poetry, and a various amount of portrayals of artistic merit.

“Events like this allow for practice, and give chance for the team to present their skills and talents,” Herrera said.

After a winning season beginning in October, and the final competition of the season on Sunday at Mt. San Antonio College, this exhibition and night of entertainment will be a nice break for the team to relax and have fun.

“When it comes to ELAC it might feel as if it’s difficult to link or connect, but being part of the speech team, it feels like they are a second family,” Herrera said.

“This team is so connected to each other and it has also helped me connect to the school.”

Being part of the team has encouraged Herrera to pursue a degree in communications.

Herrera said that the traveling experience and talking to coaches from different schools as well as being a part of this community has encouraged him to change his major  from English to Communications.

Herrera also said that his goal is to coach and teach a college team.

Speech and debate has opened his eyes to a whole new world.

ELAC’s team is currently ranked second among colleges after its competitions in November.

The team continues to get ready for these events which will take  place at ELAC.

The event will be held on Dec. 9 and 11 in the P2 building.

Tickets are $5 pre-sale and $7 at the door.

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