Traffic on Floral Drive threatens students’ lives, becomes hazardous

By Sergio Ruiz

Floral Drive can be a dangerous street if a pedestrians are not careful.

Floral Drive is on the north side of East Los Angeles College. It’s a long street where cars tend to speed and because there are no crosswalk signs, neglecting that pedestrians cross constantly.

The intersection of West Floral Drive and Crest Vista Ave is a very active spot with many pedestrians crossing the street.

Students park across the street and some live in the neighborhood around Elac and cross the street to enter campus.

Since there’s no crosswalk or speed limit sign on that whole block, many cars tend to go fast which can make it a dangerous street to cross, if not careful.

It can be very active with students crossing the street. Some drivers don’t even know they’re driving pass a college so they aren’t fully aware they’re driving fast through a street where students are crossing.

ELAC student Nathan Orta,who lives in the area says when he crosses the street he has to wait for either the cars to stop so he can cross or for the car to pass by. “There should really be a crosswalk or something, sometimes the cars that pass by go way too fast. I’ve seen a couple of people have close calls with cars on this street, myself included.  The other day I was about to cross the street, when a car passed by me when I was halfway across the street. He missed me by a second. I live just around the block and you can constantly hear the sounds of car tires screeching from getting into an accident or barley avoiding one.”

To avoid any accidents there should be crosswalk signs put on one or both of the corners to ELAC on Floral Drive. It will let drivers know there are pedestrians who are constantly crossing the street and they should slow down.

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