Winter Wonderland comes to town

By Stephanie Flores

For the very first time a winter wonderland with live reindeer, 3D effects and singing elephants returns to Griffith Park after five years.

The L.A. Zoo Lights is a new and different experience for children and families.

Santa Claus will be visiting from now through January 4. Gifts and goodies will be available including holiday crafts and photos.

A self guided tour, 60 to 90 minutes long through selected areas in the zoo is available while the animals are asleep.

Also there will be an introduction of a clever troop of animated LED monkeys commandeering an electrical power source hidden in an unusual holiday tree as well as other animals like the singing elephants.

Daytime visitors to the zoo can see the reindeer during regular hours, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. along with a flurry of  seasonal festivities.

City council member Tom LaBong partnered up with the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association to give Los Angeles a holiday experience to replace the beloved DWP Festival of Lights, which was canceled due to construction back in 2009.

“Griffith Park is accessible to so many residents of Los Angeles and occupies a special place in the hearts of many” said LaBong.

Cornerstone partners are Edison International, 99 cent only stores, Service System America and WeMo.  Eleven donors volunteered at the L.A. Zoo Lights.

L.A. Zoo Lights is open now  through January 4. 

Free parking is provided and admission for adults is $13.

Admission for 2 to 12 years of age is $11. Children Under the age of  2 enter for free. Online early bird admission rate is $8.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day the zoo will be closed.

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