‘Ana Maria in Novela Land’ cast speak out to Elans

By Jesus Figueroa

The cast and crew of the film “Ana Maria in Novela Land” will be at a special event at the Proscenium Theater on Feb. 26 from 11 a.m. to noon.

Writer and director Georgina Garcia Riedel, novela star Michael Steger and comedian Luis Guzman will be participating in a Q&A to talk about their roles in the making of “Ana Maria in Novela Land” to theater students.

The film tells the story of 24-year old Ana Maria, played by Edy Ganem, who is obsessed with the novela “Pasion sin Limite” (Limitless passion).

Ana Maria is obsessed with the novela and wishes her life to be more like the lead character. after an unexplained accident, Ana Maria wakes up as lead character in the novela.

She has to deal with the novela’s love triangle between Armando, played by Steger, Armando’s father Eduardo, played by Juan Pablo Gamboa, who she is engaged to.

The novela’s villain Licenciado Schmidt, played by Guzman, adds more conflict as he becomes more involved with the trouble that Ana Maria gets into.

As the novela comes to its dramatic finale, Ana Maria has to find a way to get back to her real life or possibly disappear from existence once the novela is over.

The film opens in limited release on Feb. 27 in Los Angeles, New York and Miami.

Previous writing experience for Garcia includes “Pulling Strings” released in 2013 and became an award-winning director for her first feature film “How the Garcia sisters spent their summer.”

Steger is best known for his role in the recent remake of the TV show 90210 as well as guest roles on “True Blood,” “Covert Affairs” and “Criminal Minds.”

Guzman is a well-known actor with films such as “Out of Sight,” “Magnolia” and “Boogie Nights.” On TV he had a recurring role on HBO’s “Oz,” and appearances on “Law and Order,” “NYPD Blue” and “Walker, Texas Ranger.”

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