CTE Fair raises student’s awareness

By Marcus Camacho

Career and Job Services and Workforce Education worked together to make February Career and Technical Education Awareness Month.

The event is called “Find Your Future in February” and it features mini-events all month long. It incorporates the CTE programs and clubs.

Some of the programs that are part of CTE lead to careers in transportation, arts, media, entertainment, Marketing Sales & Service, Business & Finance, Health Sciences, Education, Child Care & Family Services, Engineering & Architecture, Manufacturing & Product Design, Information & Communication Technology, Public Services and Health Sciences & Medical Terminology.

There is a CTE Fair in the fall semester. The difference from the spring semester from the one in the fall is the Fall CTE Fair is a large fair that showcases all the CTE Departments, affiliated ASU clubs, and Student Service Units.

The spring CTE is lined with the National CTE Awareness Month and is a month long. Each week the focus is on a few CTE Pathway.

Different CTE departments and clubs are featured each week during the month and they hand out information and interact with students who are interested.

“CTE Awareness Month would allow CTE Departments to showcase their certificates to students on a more personal level, where the focus is on a few CTE Pathways per week. Students can focus on the pathways of their interest and learn about possible careers that link to the certificates as well as courses they can take,” Coordinator of Career & Job Services Janet Huang said

There are different booths that will give information about certain programs. Woodbury University was one of the booths there answering questions on Feb.19.

Woodbury University is a private, nonprofit university located in Burbank, Los Angeles and San Diego. They offers undergraduate and graduate degrees for Architecture; Business; Media, Culture & Design; and Transdisciplinarity.

“This event is still going on, but this event has been successful for being the first time it’s been done.  Hopefully, students will learn about CTE certificates and the opportunities ELAC offers them,” Huang said.

All students are welcome to attend the event to learn about the CTE Programs offered at East Los Angeles College.

“We’re looking forward to increasing students’ awareness of career pathways and academic options here at ELAC,”  Assistant Career Guidance Counselor Amber Marsden said.

The event is very stressful because the planner would need many hours dedicated to planning the event months in advance as well as a large, dedicated team to make sure it is successful.

The event last date is tomorrow at the C1 quad. Each event is held twice a day, from 12:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. and 5:30pm-7:00 p.m.

There will be a giveaways are involved as well. Students who want to register for the giveaway their student ID is required.

For more information students can visit the Office of Workforce Education, Career and Job Services at the G1 building or call (323) 415-4126.

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