Theatre Department sets stage for ‘Angels and Demons’

LOOKING TO THE HEAVEN– The Devil, played by Andrea Tinoco and Bill Marham played by Lupe Contreras rehearse a scene from “The Devil and Billy Markham” on Jan. 30 at the Proscenium Theater. CN/Jesus Figueroa

By Jesus Figueroa

East Los Angeles College’s Theatre Department’s winter session production of “Angels and Demons” brought to the stage four distinct productions with a focus on one theme which thrilled the audience.

The theme of “Angels and Demons,” which titled the night’s performances, dealt with inner struggles as well as the devil.

Four student directors brought four different plays to the Proscenium Theater.

The two actors play “The Devil and Billy Markham” directed by Miguel Delgado captured the audience’s attention with melodious spoken words.

The Devil, played by Andrea Tinoco, moves around the stage assertively while reciting her lines rhythmically with Billy Markham, played by Lupe Contreras.

Tinoco and Contreras contrasted well as they shared the stage. They were both able to deliver a good portrayal of their character and step outside their roles to be storytellers as well.

Tinoco displayed strong emotions making her character feel chaotic.

Contreras stayed calm and kept her composure giving the impression of being in control through the play.

The lighting by stage manager Marlene Grajeda helped center the action and keep the audience focused.

The lights added to the whimsical nature of the play giving each character their spotlight.

The bizarre yet impactful opening play “4.48 Psychosis,” directed by Ashley Diaz, showed the inner thoughts of four mental patients.

The four actors are never given names, yet they are distinguished by the actions they take and the way they voice their anguish.

Marissa L. Ruiz stood out saturating her performance with intensity.

Tim Valdovino stood out not just as the only male but with a steady performance.

Angelene Storey used her powerful vocals to bring a sense of importance to her character Kristina Moore moved around the stage fiercely and swiftly delivered her lines.

The play was loud and sporadic. It commented on the use of pills to treat mental illness.

“The Mistakes Madeline Made” directed by Fredo Jaiden Cervantes was one of the longest productions of the night, but included some light hearted comedy.

Student director David C. Hernandez took on a large cast for the short play “The Devil and Daniel Webster.”

The play tells about a deal with the devil and the devil coming to collect his prize.

The play was entertaining and included two original songs, “Fiddler and Board” and “Scratch’s Song,” composed by Priscilla Buelna.

The production was fascinating and brought talented directors and actors to the stage with magnificent plays which had audiences intrigued.

Professor Kelley Hogan advised the directors and actors and also helped organize the nights.

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