Unproductive students in library distract the rest


By Amber Paramo and Cortez Cruz Serrato

As of Spring 2015, East Los Angeles College library has not been the environment it once was quiet and accessible.

ELAC’s library is a place where students should be able to concentrate, study and focus.

Nothing is more important than the level of silence that helps create the library’s environment.

With loud volume of voices, music and conversations the library is no longer a library but rather a lounge.

If communication is necessary for you and your colleagues, ELAC’s library offers private study rooms.

Students who are using the library for socializing and not academic purposes affect those who are trying to focus on their studies.

For instance, large groups of students in the aisles having conversations interfere with the students who are trying to check out books.

Another common distraction is students who use the aisles as lounging areas to take naps in between classes.

Students who sleep in the library not only get in the way of others who are moving from aisle to aisle in search for a book, but they also become potential safety hazards in the event of a fire.

According to ELAC’s library policies, “Study rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to a one-hour time limit per group.”

Study rooms are beneficial because it allows students to study with colleagues without being a distraction to those studying alone.

If the study rooms are all occupied, the least you could do is use any area desired using an indoor voice.

Not only should your voice be low but also the volume on your cell phone.

Cell phone notifications should be on silent or at least on vibrate.

Loud conversations and notification sounds distract students from their academic assignments.

A majority of the times, students need computer access to complete their work.

Not all students have the privilege of computer access at home. Therefore ELAC’s computers are to be used for course assignments, not “World of Warcraft.”

If you are surfing the Internet on non-academic websites and notice that the computer area is congested, please allow someone to use the computer who may actually use it.

Students who use ELAC’s computers for games, social media and entertainment might attract viruses and make our                 computers slow.

It is important to respect our computers because ELAC should not be wasting time or money on fixing viruses that come from unnecessary websites.

On the other hand, if you enjoy website surfing that is non- academic, ELAC provides wireless Internet access to all students and staff. Wireless Internet allows access to almost all-personal technology.

The library should be a place where students can go and complete their work without frustration.

Students should also be able to study in a quiet environment and have easy access to information and resources.

Libraries are important because they provide us with tranquility, internet access and resources that helps students pursue their college dreams.

Libraries are important because everyone is welcome. If everyone is welcomed, than everyone should respect it and each other.


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