VPAM features Los Angeles-based artist’s first survey of work

PAPER POP– Featured artist Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia's by Deborah Calderwood" II, 2008, Acrylic and thread on gessoed paper. CN/ Jesus Figueroa
Paper pop– Featured artist Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia’s by Deborah Calderwood” II, 2008, Acrylic and thread on gessoed paper. CN/ Jesus Figueroa

By Jesus Figueroa 

The Vincent Price Art Museum is presenting the first survey of Los Angeles-based artist Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia’s “Mis Papeles,”containing different mediums of art representing the variety of work produced by Segovia since 2007.

The exhibit also includes the debut of a large-scale work of art consisting of woven shredded paper.

Segovia’s artwork of sculptures, paintings and crafts are showcased through the Small Gallery of the VPAM.

The artwork is a colorful display on the walls and also suspend from wires throughout the Small Gallery.

The paper-weavings range from small squares hanging off walls to large drape-like weavings hang through the middle of the exhibit.

In the description for “Mis Papeles” (My papers), it explains the double meaning of the exhibit’s title as being the paper artwork and the artist’s documentation.

This exhibit is one of two exhibits open for the spring 2015 semester. The exhibit opened on Feb. 7, alongside “Estampas de la Raza,” and runs through April 18.


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