East Los Angeles College softball team sweeps win

By George Maldonado

The East Los Angeles College softball team upsets No.7 ranked Cerritos College to earn their fifth win in the South Coast Conference on March 12.

In the top of the fifth inning Cerritos gained momentum by scoring its first run of the game 2-1. However, the inning ended just after because of an illegal timeout used by Cerritos Head Coach Kodee Murray.

Head coach Murray was displeased with the pitch count and change of calls made by the umpire. She showed her frustration by arguing with the umpires.

The game was stopped constantly to figure out exactly what was going on and tension arose between coaches of both teams towards the umpire.

Although the competitive level seemed to grow by the tension of the disagreements.

The Huskies led 2-1 after five innings.

Then came the sixth inning where Cerritos and East Los Angeles College both erupted with four runs respectively. Cerritos players fought off and drew walks from ELAC’s number one, freshman Byanka Diosdado.

Cerritos sophomore outfielder Ana Pedroza stole second from Diosdado. This led to Cerritos freshman outfielder Jasmine Javier getting two runs batted in. The Huskies ended the top of the sixth inning with an out at third, Cerritos leading 5-2.

The Huskies held the lead throughout the game until the sixth inning.The team looked to come back from the deficit with fundamental techniques and play calling.

ELAC sophomore catcher Felicia Gonzalez led the Huskies’ comeback, hitting 2-for-3 with 2 runs batted in. The Huskies comeback was also led by the leadership from freshman second baseman Alizah Mayagoitia.

Throughout the game, Diosdado allowed five earned runs, eight hits, walked six batters and threw five strikeouts.

Diosdado was often left in bad positions, with players in position to score. However, she managed to get out of these crucial innings by her dominant pitching.

ELAC Head Coach Erika Blanco stayed confident for her pitcher to find the flow of the game.

ELAC will play away against El Camino College at 3 p.m. on March 19.

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