Students ill-informed about campus events

CN/ Justin Quebral

By Joshua Inglada

Rows of fliers about the Kyoto and Paris transfer programs are stuck to the outdoor classrooms of the C1 area. Many of them are days old.

Several  events take place on campus to entertain and spread information for students. However, it would seem that not all of the information is reaching their ears.

This is a disappointing issue that should be fixed.

Most students gain their information for upcoming events either from reading fliers posted around or from their teachers.

A recent update to ELAC’s website lists ongoing and upcoming events on the left sidebar.

The list is easy to read, but students aren’t taking the time to check it.

Procrastination is hurting their chances in attending events.

ELAC student Michael Rojas said that flyers are usually posted for specific departments only where that department is located.

Only students with classes in that specific area would know what was happening, limiting the information spread.

Creating a mass calendar to be displayed on campus would be one way to inform students about what is going on that month. They would get to know about social and athletic events along with the times of club meetings.

Students pass by the E7 building everyday. Having a flier there for an event would get attention, but both the front entrance and lobby have few if any.

The message-boards around campus are ideal places to attach fliers. However, some of these message-boards are placed in spots where reading the information is difficult.

The one near Parking Structure 3, in front of the swim stadium, is facing the sun for most of the day, making it difficult to read in the afternoon.

Even with sunglasses on, the highest part of the board cannot be read without getting blinded. Students would have to rip fliers down if they wanted to read them.

The message-board near the C buildings have papers that showed nothing about next week’s upcoming events.

The path leading to the Transit Center behind the G8 and H8 buildings barely have any advertisements.

Student could read fliers along while they make their way to or from class.

If a message-board was placed next to the shuttle area, students can have something to see while waiting.

They will be more aware of what is happening the next day instead of playing with their phones or ear-buds while waiting.

Bad advertising placement plays a part in students not having a clue about what their school is up to. Putting fliers or setting a stand up in an area where few people will see them means a small audience

It’s clear that students need to make more of an effort to review what events are happening, but the ones in charge of the events need to do more to get the word out.

Campus events need to get more promotion so that students will get more out of their education.

Higher education shouldn’t feel like a part-time job that a student can’t wait to get home from.

Part of having a college experience is getting to indulge in club activities and knowing more about what is being offered improves the college experience.


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