Thieves target local store

CN/Jesus Figueroa
CN/Jesus Figueroa

By Jade Inglada

Monterey Park Police are looking for the suspect of an armed robbery at Daniel’s Jewelers located in the Atlantic Square Shopping Center on April 30.

“We’re trying to see if anyone saw anything at this time, so we can hopefully find a witness who maybe saw him get in a car,” Detective Sergeant Frank Duke said.

The robbery occurred at around 4:22 p.m. when an unidentified man entered the store with a handgun and stole jewelry.

Duke described the suspect as an adult African-American man.

The suspect escaped on foot through the shopping center parking lot.

No one was harmed during the robbery.

“We’re still interviewing people and trying to find out if we can find anymore details, or if someone saw something else,” Duke said.

Information on how much jewelry was stolen wasn’t disclosed.

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