Doomie’s takes vegan approach to fast-food

By Megan G. Razzetti

Doomie’s Home Cookin gives a true comfort food experience through classic vegan recipes.

Located in Hollywood, this restaurant gives a unique blend of vegan and vegetarian options that anyone would enjoy.

The menu includes anything from traditional cheeseburgers to seafood dishes, giving even the pickiest of eaters a chance to order something delicious, free of any animal products.

Vegan food refrains from using any animal products, not just meat but also dairy and eggs.

Most of the meat-like dishes such as The Western burger are soy-based and loaded with savory flavors that mix together with a sweet barbeque sauce, vegan bacon and a choice of vegan cheese or regular cheese.

Pair that burger with a side of chili-cheese fries that are crafted with fresh homemade french fries smothered in chili beans. The chili is mild, packed with spice and topped with a generous amount of cheese.

A customer off-the-menu favorite is Doomie’s version of a Big Mac, which seems to be much larger and filled with more toppings than the average Big Mac served at McDonalds.

The two hamburger patties are stacked on top of each other and drenched in thousand island sauce, chopped onions, lettuce and pickles.

The fried avocado is a must have. Slices of avocado are fried in a lightly seasoned batter in vegetable oil that results in a delectable dish. It is not too greasy. The avocado compliments the fried casing well.

Dessert options include deep-fried Oreos and freshly-baked cookies that are made when ordered.

This restaurant is great for vegan and vegetarians who want that comfort food experience. Those who are unfamiliar with vegan food and are curious to trying a new approach to classic recipes may enjoy it.

Doomie’s also provides customers with a gluten-free menu, for people who have gluten restrictions and allergies.

The restaurant is located at 1253 Vine Street in Hollywood.

The parking is valet only, but there is also limited street parking.

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