Community benefits from Job and Career Fair

By George Maldonado

East Los Angeles College gave the community and students an opportunity to learn about open positions and possible career fields May 7.

The Job and Career Fair provided opportunities for students after graduating from ELAC.

A variety of companies such as U-Haul, UPS, AVON, Inclusion, and the Employment Development Department distributed information on available jobs and career opportunities.

ELAC’s Business, Community Service, Computer Applications and Office Technologies, Theatre Arts and other departments were also present.

According to David Paredes of UPS, giving students a part-time job with the availability for them to work in morning, afternoon, evening, or any shift best convenient, will give the employee an  opportunity to finish their education.

UPS is offering 17-25 hours of work at $10.10 per hour. The job available is for a packaging handler.

According to Paredes, the job requires loading and unloading items onto trucks.

The event interested a fair amount of students and other individuals.

“The event allowed me to look at opportunities into getting a summer job and made me think of my career after I graduate from a four-year university,” ELAC student Tien Lu said.

U-Haul was also a major interest of students, with groups of three to four individuals sometimes crowding to the area.

The information for students who want to branch out and work for U-Haul is available for them online at

Education is one thing most of the companies pushed for students to have as their number one priority.

With the completion of their bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, they could establish more success for the company.

The dress attire for future employees looking for jobs and careers was to be interview attire.

A small number of individuals dressed in interview attire. Bringing an updated resume was also encouraged.

Not all booths consisted of on the spot applications or future employment, although they did allow individuals to build up resumes and earn valuable skill sets.

ELAC’s Business Department, didn’t offer any jobs that an individual could apply for however,“We offer skill certificates that benefit your resume,” Ariane Kreidl said.

The ELAC Community Service opportunity, according to Erika Leon, offers career training programs and has available classes that are year round for individuals of Los Angeles.

Army recruiters were also there to answer any questions about it and what it can do for an individual’s education.

“Coming to the career event, I didn’t expect to learn a lot (although) I can apply to places (now) I didn’t know before. That will give me my priority for school,” ELAC student Akoni Agoncillo said.

The career event made it possible for students to learn about benefits that will make them capable of succeeding in career fields of their choice or help them earn money to pay for school.

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