EMT program fails to motivate students

By Jose Godinez

The East Los Angeles College Fire Technology program is home to hundreds of students hoping to one day make it in the fire service. EMT, is a minimum requirement for a career in fire and the EMT program is not living up to the standard the rest of the Fire Technology program has set.

Flaws in any program are OK, in fact they are expected, but when the majority of the class fails year after year there is a problem.

I am a part of the Fire Technology program at ELAC and Fire Service is the career I am aiming for. It concerns me when I tell someone in the program that I am going to take my EMT soon and they urge me to take it somewhere else.

Most students are less than satisfied by the program. I have started to look elsewhere for EMT courses available.

Students need to feel comfortable with their respective programs. How is a student expected to keep taking courses if he/she is not satisfied? Especially if that is the type of career they want to go into.

Students said, “it’s the way the professor teaches” to “the professor doesn’t help at all” to simply, “just don’t take it.”

Students are hesitant to join the course. The fact that those students almost never complain about any other class in the same program is saying something. These are the same students all against the same class. The fact that it is one of, if not the most important class makes it even worse.

I am also a part of a fire crew located in Boyle Heights, which has nothing to do with ELAC, and my crew mates who are EMT’s or currently taking the EMT course also express their discontent with the program.

By hearing someone who actually has the job tell students to take the course somewhere else would make anyone hesitant.

I have also heard the professor is really difficult to work with. Past and current members of my fire crew said the same thing about the professor. “Don’t let her know you are part of the crew.”

The professor is known for making students either choose between the fire crew or the EMT course.

The way I look at it, I need to take the course where it will benefit me the most. Why take it somewhere I know I will most likely not pass it or where I am not comfortable at all. The college should not have most of their students doubting any one course.

The rest of the Fire Technology program is great, so why not make the EMT course great as well. Otherwise students will need to continue looking elsewhere.

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