Football coach prepares for next season

By Dan Gudino

Football at East Los Angeles College has been passed up on, but with Coach Eric Marty in place the Huskies want to win and change his season.

However, the stadium has stayed fairly empty through the years. Best known for hosting the East Los Angeles Classic football matchup between Garfield and Roosevelt High Schools, which have brought in an excess of 25,000 to its 20,355 permanent bench seats, the Husky football team this year wants to fill the stadium up Saturdays.

ELAC’s highest attended game was a close 46-43 victory for the Huskies, proving 1,778 attendees can help push a team to victory.

On the other side, a less prideful attended home game of 201, saw a sloppy Huskies loss, 9-­7 to San Diego Mesa a week earlier on November 1.

Not only will Coach Marty bring a new system of play to ELAC football, but a new system off the field too.

From the weight room, where the goal is to get stronger and faster, Coach Marty has introduced a method of training, Body composition testing.

A new system, all with the help of local Monterey Park business Nutrishop, players are now analyzed for their body compositions.

What’s that? Simple, it figures out the player’s total body water­ weight, the total dry­ lean mass and the total body ­fat of the football player.

These three components all equal the total weight of the player: [ Total body water (lbs) + Dry lean mass (lbs) + Body fat mass (lbs) = Total Weight lbs ]

This formula of finding out how much muscle, fat and lean mass is in the player’s body is essential in figuring out the progression of a player. Using this specific formula, the player’s progression can easily be tracked, from the beginning of the season, through the end of the season.

For Coach Marty, it’s all about creating an opportunity to get better. On the Huskies football webpage, they have a video slide that specifically shows, Division 1 programs are looking for big, strong and fast athletes. This is the reason recruiting is a now a selling point to the Husky program.

Starting at the high school level, Coach Marty’s goal is to bring in great players from the prep level, which in turn will attract more players and allow them to get recruited to big college Division 1 football programs. Just four months into his tenure here at ELAC he has to get creative even before his team has even played.

Marty mentioned a bigger social media presence with Twitter and Instagram. Filling up the stadium by marketing and showing glimpses of a producing team, is the goal for now. All coaches are involved with social media as Marty described, “It is done by committee.”

Not only is the football team looking to help improve its reputation from losing to winning, but it’s also looking for volunteers to mobilize more resources.

Two positions are, people taking high quality photos and someone to takeover the social media sites. The team will also be reaching out to people who are looking to build their resumes in general. Furthermore, people who are able to produce promo videos in efforts to attract skilled players is an idea brought forth by Marty, to bring a close community of helping hands.

Marty on the field will settle things as well. Last year ELAC used four quarterbacks. The quarterback position is the most scrutinized position is sports. Using four in a season indicates major instability.

This year as Marty said, ‘We’re looking for cornerstone guys, guys who are doing it on the field and off the field academically. Guys who stand in front of our movement.”

This year ELAC will find one guy to lead as quarterback too, one guy who will take the job and lead like when Marty interviewed and won the head­ coaching job.

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