Communication 151 raises money for abused children

By Cesar Gutierrez

Communication 151 held a fundraiser on May 27 for children who have been abused, in hopes to raise more awareness on child abuse.

The fundraiser was entitled “Comm 151 Fundraiser Free Arts for Abused Children.” The group’s purpose is to donate as much money as they can while using an art theme. The reasoning behind the art theme according to Suzie Nguyen is “Art is a form of therapy for kids.”

This event was held near the English Department, held many activities and sold many snacks to raise money. Activities included things like shooting balloons filled with paint for prizes and hand murals.

Pizza, soda, cupcakes and water were sold at the fundraiser as well. Along with purchasing snacks and participating in the activities, the group would ask people to paint on their hands and place it on a mural poster.

Along with raising money for awareness, the group was also accepting art supplies to donate to children courthouses that utilize art supplies. These courthouses help to ease children who have previously been abused.

All proceedings and donations are going to a local nonprofit organization entitled “Free Arts for Abused Children.” This organization helps over 12,000 children cope with the abuse they have taken by using art.

The Communication 151 group that hosted the fundraiser at East Los Angeles College also seemed to be extremely enthusiastic about what they were doing.

Whenever someone purchased something from their booth, they would be very grateful for it. Purchasing something at the booth would also entitle the person to paint their hands and place it on a hand mural.

Everyone within the group also communicated very well with each other and made the event flow very smoothly. Nguyen said, “Communication and teamwork is very important.”

The idea for the fundraiser started a couple of weeks ago, when the communication 151 class was split into groups. These groups would then have to come up with fundraising ideas to use for an event that would support a specific organization.  The groups would decide which idea was best to make into an event, and the art theme fundraising idea won.

Prior to the event, weeks of preparation were held to promote the fundraiser. It took about three to four weeks to put flyers up all around the campus and to plan the event in itself.

“Putting this successful event together really shows how much teamwork really means,” said Nguyen.

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