ELAC considers charging stations for hybrid vehicles

By Maria Isidoro

A major energy and environment update is posed to bring change to East Los Angeles College in fall 2015.

The Work Environment Committee is in talks with administrators, faculty and staff about placing two electric vehicle charging stations in parking structure three and four at ELAC.

The implementation of charging stations are aimed at supporting the introduction of the Commuter Program of South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) to help reduce air pollution at worksites.

The Commuter Program is based on promoting ridesharing, which includes walking, bicycling, carpooling and the use of public transportation when commuting to college.

To support and encourage alternative methods of transportation, the SCAQMD implemented a number of incentives for faculty, staff and administrators.

Such incentives are that each time an employee walks, bicycles, and carpools to the worksite, they will accumulate 100 points worth $1.

Susan Okawa of Office Administrative Services of SCAQMD said the parking structure PS3 and PS4 were constructed without plugs-in.

“We have about 40 people who do rideshare and get incentives every month,” Okawa said.

ELAC supports the environmental initiatives of SCAQMD and both are working closely together with the Work Environment Committee to purchase electric car charging stations.

The charging stations hopes to encourage a campus trend toward more sustainable cars and support the Commuter Program of SCAQMD.

“Some schools have purchased these electric stations. Unfortunately, when the parking structure was built, it was not in the plan,” Okawa said.

The committee members and Okawa both discussed that the parking structures PS4 and PS3 should have access to charging stations for free.

Vice President of Administrative Services Ann Tomlinson said that some schools charges around $3 to plug in an electric car.

There are different types of charging stations, such as a stations of an ordinary household outlet to fast charging stations that can charge an electric car in 15-30 minutes. “They are $10,000 and there are universals,” Tomlinson said.

“They are quite expensive,” Okawa said.

The Work Environment Committee will follow up in discussing what kind of charging stations are needed to serve electric and hybrid car owners.

Another weighing update is the possible relocation of the Corporate Center.

Work Environment Committee Chair Kevin Booth said that there will not be no joints to the Corporate Center, due to wait on the determination of Los Angeles Community District Board of Trustees regarding a bond issue.

The Work Environment Committee will draft also the amendments of a non-smoking policy to enforce it.

Booth said that the enforcement of the smoke-free policy will be initially educational.

The committee members discussed to penalize faculty, administrators, staff and students in restricted smoking areas as some of the strategies for ensuring a tobacco-free campus policy.

The Sheriff’s Department were absent to give updates regarding the enforcement of the non smoking policy.

“My recollections of their (sheriff) comments was that until we have a proper signage that sites civil codes they will be no enforcement, no skating no bicycling,” Booth said.

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