Change for undocumented students coming soon

By Javier Lopez

There is a petition meant  to increase support for a bill titled AB 1366, which could make higher education institutions more inclusive for undocumented students.

The bill could potentially create Dream Resource Centers in all Community and California State Colleges if passed. It states that the University of California do so as well.

This bill could benefit students all over California, including students at East Los Angeles College. ELAC has a  diverse campus and a number of the  students who attend are undocumented students.

AB 1366 could help undocumented students at ELAC and open up new doors for them.

This would provide these students a place to go when it comes to getting help or information about pursuing a higher education.

These students are often discouraged from attending  higher education institutions due to the fact that they feel like there are  no resources for them.There is no place around intended for their specific needs.

Although there are some resources for undocumented students, such as fee waivers for tuition, colleges still have trouble making them feel included.

Undocumented students deserve the same opportunities and resources as U.S. citizens. In passing this bill, there would be equality in the educational system.

Bill AB 1366 was created by Assemblywoman Patty Lopez in order make college a more inclusive place for undocumented students

The bill also serves as a gateway to centers where undocumented students could find resources suited specifically for them.

Different questions arise when an undocumented student applies to a four year college as oppose to when a citizen of  the United States applies. Undocumented students go through a different process.

Questions on how to pay for college without Federal Student Aid or how to apply for scholarships are questions most college staff members don’t have the answers to.

The Dream Centers would have a staff of people who specialize  in helping undocumented students.

These would be places where undocumented students could  build a support system to  encourage and help one another. It would also better prepare  them mentally and emotionally to reach their goal of graduating from college.

The AB 1366 bill comes with a number of opportunities and  benefits for undocumented students who feel like they’re alone; including those who feel like there is no help for  them in California. If the bill is passed, it could improve the lives and the college experience for undocumented students.

The bill is sponsored by  California Dream Network and co-sponsored by The Coalition of Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles.

The petition for the bill AB 1366 was created to show the governor of California, Jerry Brown, that this is a matter that the community feels strongly about.

It was made to show him that there are a number of undocumented students that want to go to college but need the same amount of help and recourses that all other students get.

The bill has a large range of supporters, including: Berkeley City College, SPEAK at UC Davis, California Student Aid Commission, as well as many others.

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