Los Angeles goes for Hosting Olympics

by Cuauhtémoc Hernandez

The city of Los Angeles entered a bid to host the 2024 Olympics, replacing Boston as the proposed candidate for the United States.

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti and the Los Angeles City Council advanced the city’s bid for the 2024 Olympics earlier this month, entering the race to compete against Paris, Rome, Hamburg and Budapest in the two-year competition.

Boston resident’s scrutiny over public financing of the Olympics, pressured Mayor Marty Walsh to announce that he would not commit to signing the host city contract.


The contract stipulates that the host city is held responsible for potential cost overruns for the events.

Community resistance to Boston’s bid for the Olympics resulted in the formation of many groups, including No Boston 2024 and No Boston Olympics, which focused on the lack of transparency and disregard for public opinion by the United States Olympic Committee.


A Freedom of Information request filed by Boston Magazine exposed that taxpayer money was intended for Olympic expenses even after the organizing committee mislead the public that the games would be privately financed.

The plug was pulled on Boston 2024 due to successful organizing from concerned citizens who demanded the city to focus their public funds on improvements to education and housing.

A 4.1 billion plan was revealed in the LA2024 Bid Book, with a glaring expenditure of a one billion dollar Olympic Village proposed to house athletes in Cypress Park in the area that is referred to as the Piggyback Yard.


Miguel Santana, from the Los Angeles City Administrative Offices and the chief financial advisor to the Mayor, raised concerns about the unknown sources of funding for the project.

Historically, working class and immigrant communities in Olympic host cities are disproportionately affected by the accelerated gentrification and patterns of displacement that result from real estate speculation leading to the games, according to a report by the “Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions.”

The International Olympic Committee promotes and develops urban renewal programs that consolidate land ownership for the state and private corporations.

Numerous examples from Atlanta’s demolition of “Techwood Homes public housing” in 1996, to the current housing right’s abuse occurring in Rio de Janeiro in preparation for the 2016 games.

Los Angeles Olympic promoters hope to garner enough support to finance the city’s third bid as an Olympic host.

The Olympics were held in Los Angeles in 1932 and in 1984 which included East Los Angeles College as an Olympic venue.

“Weingart Stadium played host to the field hockey portion of the Olympics in 84’ as a result of instrumental agitating from ELAC instructor Flora Brussa” head coach for the ELAC Athletics program Louis Ramirez said.

Flora Brussa, who was the first woman Athletic Directors in the nation to direct a woman’s and men’s intercollegiate athletic program, organized for the school’s participation and as a result secured funding for a new track for the campus.

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