Former student dies at ELAC

By Bryce Ronquillo

An unidentified male, who had fallen from the fifth floor of the south parking structure, died Tuesday from extreme injuries.

President Marvin Martinez said in a press release that he is deeply saddened by the incident and his prayers are with his family, friends and loved ones. He also asked that the privacy of the family to be respected.

The investigation is still on-going. With the evidence gathered by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department however, the incident appears to be an act of suicide.

Witnesses agree that the man’s intention appeared to be suicide.

“He looked extremely calm while falling. It seemed premeditated,” Cleopatra Skywalker-Ortiz said.

The man was transported to the Los Angeles County+USC Medical Center where he spent the night.

The man was a former East Los Angeles College student from several years ago. His reason for being at ELAC was unknown. His presumed age is late 30s.

Many witnesses came to the man’s attention after he had fallen and attempted to treat him.

“I was walking from the lunch truck towards the parking structure and I saw the guy falling down. It all happened so fast,” said Ivan Aviles. “I went downstairs to help him and another man was already giving him first aid responses.”

The Sheriff’s Department is working with the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health to provide support for the family. There is also support being offered to any students affected by the incident at the Student Health Center (G-8 111, 323-265-8651).

“It’s great to have a partnership with the Department of Mental Health that students should take advantage of at ELAC,” said Sheriff’s Captain Cheryl Newman-Tarwater.

She also said students should be always be on the look-out for someone who might want to harm himself or others and should take action if given the chance.

Anyone with information regarding the incident can contact the Sheriff’s Station at 323-265-8800.

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