Murder suspect taken into custody

By Ivan cazares

A suspect murderer believed to be Sean Matthew Garcia and two women were detained by police  Sept. 29 on Collegian Avenue.

Both Monterey Park and Montebello police were at the scene.

Sergeant Julio Calleros confirmed that the three being detained were related to the case.

“He was arrested at his home,” Calleros said referring to Garcia.

He was unable to reveal the suspects identities or how they are related to the case.

All three suspects were taken into custody.

Both women were released from their handcuffs before police took them away.

According to Monterey Park police, they were there to assist Montebello police with a homicide investigation.

Police were seen questioning both female suspects and searching a late model Cadillac CTS, while the male suspect sat in the back seat of a squad car.

Montebello detective, Ruben Zavala who is in charge of the homicide investigation, was unavailable to confirm the suspect’s identity for Campus News.

There is no reference of the incident in the public crime log at the Monterey Park Police Station.

Collegian Avenue falls under Monterey Parks jurisdiction.

The official press release by the Montebello Police Department says investigators executed a search warrant at Garcia’s residence that uncovered assault rifle parts believed to be from the weapon used in the murder of Brian Lee Gomez.

Gomez was attempting to sell a gold chain on a website called OFFERUP.COM.

Investigators believe Garcia met up with Gomez with the intention of robbing him.

They first made contact with each other through the website.

A surveillance video shows an armed man running after Gomez’s vehicle.

He was shot down in front of his wife on Monday at approximately 6:30 p.m. at 1600 Neil Armstrong Street in Montebello.

A second robbery victim surfaced during the investigation.

The victim was robbed of a gun similar to the one used to kill Gomez and evidence links Garcia to the crime.

Montebello police are searching for additional victims.

Victims are encouraged to contact the Investigation Bureau of the Montebello Police Department at (323) 887-1313, ext 262.

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