Shootings plague the campuses

By Guadalupe Barriga

Terrible school shootings have happened in the United States and the safety of students on campus is in question.

Students also wonder how prepared East Los Angles College is with these situations.

The latest school active shooting happened last Wednesday in at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, where 10 people were killed and about 18 are injured.

As a student at a community college, it brings me sadness to see such actions. I feel scared to know my life can be taken away at my own school.

School has been the safest place for people but lately it has turned into a nightmare.

Students spend almost half of their week in school if not more. Therefore they expect school to be a safe environment, perhaps the safest place they visit.

We come to school to continue our education for a better life, but, a life can be taken away in an instant by an active shooter.

Massacres like Oregon’s community college makes students fear for similar situations to happen in their own school.

Students are asking what will happen if a similar situation were to happen at ELAC and how prepared we are.

Are students preparing for a similar situation? Anything can happen at any minute.

The Sheriff Department, which is charged with patrolling the school is concerned about this happening at ELAC.

Deputy Officer Albert Romero confirmed all Sheriffs have been trained in camps for active shootings.

They are also prepared for the worst to happen at school and their main priority is to keep all students safe. Romero states everyone should be alert and conscious of his or her surroundings.

He recommends for all students to report any strange action or if they know and see something to immediately talk to a professor and the Sheriff Department.

Romero, along with staff, has been working on new plans to inform students of dangerous situations.

They plan to prevent students from getting hurt is by sending emails and texts when there is danger at school. Romero recommends all students to register to the ELAC Emergency Notification System.  Students can sign up for it through This system notifies students of active shootings, lockdowns, earthquakes and other dangerous actions.

Speakers have been installed all around campus for easier communication. The Sheriffs hope this will work as a way to inform students faster when something happens inside campus.

Sheriffs continue to inform staff of new ways to act in dangerous situation by talking to them through meetings and spreading the word. “My number one advice for students and staff is to get to a safe area and lock the doors,” Romero said.

It is important for students to be prepared for active shooting and react fast to such situation.

Spreading the word about ways to prevent someone from getting hurt by registering for the ELAC Emergency Notification System or notifying any strange act can save many lives. Everybody has a life, family and friends to live for.

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