Los Angeles based singer performs at the Getty

by Joshua Inglada

Los Angeles-raised singer and songwriter Jessica Pratt performed a psychedelic show at the Getty Center on Oct. 10.

Pratt has been on an international tour with the band “Beach House,” and the tour finally made a stop in her hometown.

The concert took place inside the Harold M. Williams Auditorium before an audience of over 300.

Pratt was joined onstage by accompanying musician Cyrus Gengras.

Both Pratt and Gengras performed in front of a screen featuring a projected liquid light show. The backdrop was created by performance artist Lance Gordon of the Mad Alchemy Light Show.

Gordon would mix colored gels and dyes together on top of glass screens that follow the flow of the music.

“I’ve never played in front of a light show before, but it should be fun. Thanks for coming and I hope you have a good time. This looks like a wonderful place to play,” said Pratt.

Pratt and Gengras started off on acoustic guitars, with Pratt providing the vocals. She jumped right into her first song without even providing a title or explanation about its roots.

Pratt’s voice was low and soothing. While she did sing actual lyrics at times, most of her singing was centered around only sounds. She crooned along to the music in various pitches.

Her first song followed the guitar-playing to a steady beat that was almost wistful. Behind her, Gordon slowly blended the gels on his table together to create different patterns.

Pratt’s next song was sung in a more somber tone. To emulate this, Gordon’s light show displayed patterns similar to water-ripples and heart-beats.

In between songs, Pratt took some time to chat with the audience.

“It’s calmer here than in St. Louis, Missouri. A lot of teenagers and young people here like in the Beach House’s audiences. Yeah, it’s really good to be back. I know I have a lot of friends in the audience, so I thank you. It’s nice to know that,” Pratt said.

After her fifth song, Gengras switched to an electric guitar. The switch gave an effect that made Pratt’s voice reverb throughout the auditorium.

Gordon added more colors to the show, matching his stirring to Pratt and Gengras’ guitar-playing. His gels slowly resembled butterfly wings, blood-drops and kaleidoscope patterns.

The atmosphere of Pratt’s songs ranged from melancholic to upbeat. Her gentle way of singing kept the audience in a peaceful silence while the light show behind her pulsed and flowed.

Near the end of her eighth song, Gengras left the stage. The lights dimmed and Pratt performed solo until the end of the show. She ended the show to a roar of applause.

11 songs were played in total.

After the show, Pratt and Gengras headed to the lobby outside the auditorium and signed autographs for their friends and fans.

Pratt’s singing combined with Gordon’s special-effects left everyone with a performance that pleased both the ears and eyes.

The next stop for Pratt’s tour with “Beach House” will take place on Oct. 25 in Madrid, Spain.

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