Prospective student dies at 18 on campus



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IN MEMORIAM- Friends and family gathered October 18 to hold a small vigil for Nelly Virginia Murray, whose body was found at Parking Structure 4. CN/MEGAN G. RAZZETTI


By Megan G. Razzetti

Nelly Virginia Murray, was found at East Los Angeles College’s Parking Structure 4 Oct. 11 at 4 a.m.

Although Murray, who lived near campus, was not a current student at ELAC, she planned on majoring in psychology and was registered for the 2016 spring semester.

Murray was known to her best friend of 10 years, ELAC student Daisy Garcia, as a person who was full of laughter, love and encouragement.

“She was always really genuine about others, always wanted everyone to be happy,” Garcia said. “She had such charisma. Everywhere she would go she would make someone smile.”

Her personality embodied that of an old soul from another time and she was interested in old lifestyles, fashion and music. She usually dressed in  unique vintage style clothes while maintaining an afro hair style to complete her signature look, Garcia said.

“Her style, she (Murray) would tell me, is like an old lady and hippy style,” Garcia said. “She loved dressing vintage and loved the hippy style with bright colors and flowers.”

Murray was known to find her outfits at thrift stores and even knew how to sew.

Along with vintage fashion, Murray enjoyed drawing and also did some modeling for a time.

Murray and Garcia met each other in 2006 when they were in catechism class at St. Thomas Aquinas Church.

“Nelly was in third grade and I was in fourth and she really wanted to be my friend,” Garcia said. “Our older sisters were friends, so they introduced us and ever since me and Nelly created an irreplaceable friendship.”

It was also during this time that the girls gave each other nicknames. Garcia was named “Flower” and Murray “Rapper” because of her hairstyle.

Garcia also shared the girls’ first high school dance together when Garcia asked Murray to her high school homecoming dance.

“It was the first dance we both went to and I was the first person to ever take her to a dance,” Garcia said. “We had a perfect night.”

At this time there are no set funeral plans, but a donation site has been set up  at to help Murray’s family cover expenses.

Born March 18, 1997, Murray is survived by her parents Ken and Ena and three older sisters: Elizabeth, Donnette and Ena Marie.

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