ASU plan for future events and budget

By Stephanie Garibay

Associated Students Union officers held a meeting to discuss funding requests, the food giveaway for ASU students and to charter in clubs.

The transfer center made a funding request for its Transfer Student Success Conference being held on friday.

The Transfer Student Success Conference is a one-day student preparation event for students interested in university transfer.

The event will include workshops for students that can help them with their personal statement and their transfer applications.

“When you’re sitting in front of the application, it’s hectic, you’re nervous, but the Transfer Center makes it really easy. I had a low GPA and they made the process so much easier for me,” Paola Herrera, a representative for the Transfer Center said.

Last year 150 students attended,  and 327 students attended last semester.  This year, an estimated 350 students will attend.

“I’m really hoping ASU can support us not only in some of the funding, but by being involved and collaborating with us because I look at ASU as a mechanism to help students get motivated,” Maunel Haro, a representative for the Transfer Center said.

The Transfer Center originally asked for $4,886, but settled for $2,428 at the Budgetary Affairs Committee meeting for unspecified reasons.

The ASU board members had the ability to change the amended amount, but could not go over the original amount of $4,886.

“I know this is a Transfer Center event, so my question is why doesn’t the Transfer Center fund this?” ASU Executive Vice President Yoreli Contreras said.

“Because we really want ASU to be involved just as they have been in the past, which is why we are asking for your help,” Haro said.

The money given to the Transfer Center will be used for food given at the event to attract more students to attend.

ASU board members also discussed this year’s ASU food giveaway.

This year’s give away will include burritos and aguas frescas.

An unspecified vendor will be bringing in the food and it is the responsibility of the ASU board members to prep and hand it out. Because of this, the board members participating in the food giveaway will be required to receive their California food handler’s certificate.

“Everyone who wants to help has to watch a video, take a test and pass in order to be able to participate,” said ASU president Romel Lopez.

The giveaway will take place on Nov. 10 for the main campus and Nov. 18 for the South Gate campus at 11 a.m. The exact location was not specified.

The meeting also helped charter in ELAC clubs.

Some of the clubs included the ELAC Amateur film club, that will help teach its members the essentials of film. The club meets every Monday and Thursday from 3:30-5:30 in room P2 201.

Another club chartered in was the Adaptive Innovative Perspective. The purpose of this club is to take students out of their comfort zone and meet new people to become more sociable.

“We recently did an event called speed meet which is like speed dating, but without the dating. We got a chance to meet with a lot of people. About 50 people showed up,” Fernando Hernandez, one of the club’s representatives said.

The club meets every Thursday in room B2 112. The time was unspecified.

The next ASU meeting will occur on Nov. 20 at 2 p.m. in room G1301 AB.

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