Gym access benefits students

By Javier Lopez

Making all gyms and fitness centers at East Los Angeles College accessible to students could benefit their health and the school.

Students have to go off campus if they want to work out, unless they are taking a health class or are on a sports teams.

If the gyms and fitness centers at ELAC  become available for students, it could provide them with a closer place to work out.

Having accessible gyms on campus could encourage students to attend the gym regularly, which would benefit their health.

Students who are interested in playing basketball or volleyball while they  wait for their next class, or just for fun could use the basketball and volleyball gym.

It would be a more affordable option for students.

The average cost of a monthly gym membership is $55 according to There are students who cannot afford to spend that much for a gym membership.

The gyms are currently reserved for health classes and athletic teams.

In order to use them,  an instructor, adviser   or coach must be present, to ensure everyone is using the machines correctly for safety purposes.

The lack of advisers overseeing students who  want to use the school’s fitness facilities was an issue brought up by ELAC’s Athletic Director Allen Cone.

Cone stated that there is a liability issue.

If a student gets hurt, the school would have to face   the consequences   if no adviser was present. This issue can be solved.

Students who want to use these facilities can be charged an $18 health fee for a gym membership instead of $11.

Students who are not interested can just pay the regular health fee.

The cost of the membership can help cover the expenses of hiring advisers to supervise the fitness facilities.

The school could also have students sign a contract as part of the gym  membership that makes the students responsible for their own safety.

Health classes and athletic teams have a set  schedule for when they can use the fitness facilities.

The time that the facilities become available can be reserved for students who are interested in working out in ELAC’s fitness centers.

If many students become interested in getting a gym membership,  there would be more money available for new machines or the expansion of the gyms and fitness centers.

This would make it easier for students at ELAC to attend the gym and improve their health.

It would also create an alternative and cheaper option for students who like to go to the gym.

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