Students struggle with anxiety issues

By Delia Diaz

Taking exams can be the most stressful time for a college student, but there are many tools and practices they can use to help relieve  anxiety.

Anxiety can cause many students to lose focus while studying.

It often causes them to forget important material. Ways to overcome anxiety are  also hard to find.

This becomes more stressful when there are one or more exams to study for.

One resource many students use while studying is listening to music. Any type of music can help, whether it’s heavy metal, rock or hip hop.

Getting eight full hours of sleep can also help students cope with anxiety.

Students who find it difficult to get a full eight hours of sleep should at least try to find time throughout their day to relax.

Taking power walks around campus or even sitting and enjoying a snack can also help relieve tension

Students should also avoid using their cell phones before bed. This is a big distraction and can even cause headaches due to the brightness of the phone.

Exercise is another way to relieve anxiety. It doesn’t have to be excessive either.

One effective activity is  grounding. Grounding is a technique often used by therapists when helping a patient with anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, otherwise known as PTSD.

Grounding techniques often use the five senses (sound, feel, taste, touch and sight).

One grounding technique that can be used is as simple as looking around the room.

The student can observe the different objects in the class, which can be from  the number of people in the class to the different shapes and colors in the room.

This can distract students from their anxious feelings.

Having a cold drink can often help, too.

Focusing on the flavor of a beverage may sound odd, but it’s also an easy way a student can distract himself from anxiety  while taking his exam.

Stress balls can also help if a student needs a physical release. Applying as much force as possible can release the anxious and pent-up feelings.

Gripping the side of the desk can also relieve stress.

If the professor allows breaks during the exam, student should avoid using their cell phones.

Instead students should go for a walk around the surrounding area of the classroom’s building for fresh air.

All these tools can help any student struggling with stress, not only with exams and studying, but any time anxious feelings arise

Students have resources on campus that can help, too.

The Student Health Center can answer any question regarding mental health. They also provide services in person at the G8-11 building or be contacted at 323-265-8651.

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