Brothers take bond to football huddles

by Stephanie Guevara


Going to school with a sibling might not be so unusual, but if that sibling happens to be your football coach, that is rare.

Since Brian Marty was in high school, his brother Eric Marty has coached him in football.

He coached Brian Marty during his sophomore and junior high school seasons.

According to Brian Marty, Eric Marty inspired him to play football.

“Seeing him (Eric Marty) play football made me want to play football,” Brian Marty said.

Football head coach Eric Marty, 29, was born in Seattle. Growing up, Eric Marty played soccer and football, but in high school he decided to stick with football.

After high school, Eric Marty moved to Orange, California where he attended Chapman University.

At Chapman Eric Marty played football, but was also majoring in journalism. After playing football in Chapman, Eric Marty left for Italy and played in the Italian football league.

In Italy, Eric Marty found his passion for coaching.

In his offseason, Eric  Marty came to the U.S. to coach high school football.

Before coaching at East Los Angeles College,  Eric Marty also coached a few other colleges,  such as Moorpark College in Ventura County.

It was during Eric Marty’s offseason in Europe where he coached Brian Marty in high school football.

At five-years-old, Brian Marty began playing baseball. It wasn’t until he was in middle school that he began playing football.

Although Brian Marty loved playing football, he had to decide whether to play football or baseball for university.

When Brian Marty got accepted to Azusa Pacific University, he decided to play baseball. At the time, Brian chose baseball because it was convenient for him. After two year at APU, Brian Marty decided to leave and pursue an opportunity in football at ELAC.

However, playing for ELAC meant being coached by Eric Marty  a second time.

Since it’s the second  time the Marty brothers worked beside one another, Brian Marty acknowledges the expectations Eric Marty has of him.

“He (Eric Marty) has higher expectations of me. He is a little harder on me,” said Brian Marty.

Other football coaches  also acknowledge the expectations Eric Marty has for Brian Marty. According to ELAC’s football wide receivers  coach, Daniel McDonald, on the field Eric Marty is harder on Brian Marty.

“It’s tough sometimes. Eric Marty sometimes yells at him (Brian Marty) more than the other players,” McDonald said.

McDonald is a close friend of the Marty brothers and has known them from Washington.

According to the Marty brothers, their faith is an important factor in their life.

The Marty brothers grew up in Edmond, Washington, which is 10 miles north of Seattle, and were raised within a christian family.

Freshman quarterback Brian Marty, 20, is the youngest of five siblings. Brian Marty’s interest in sports started at a young age.

In Brian Marty’s senior year of high school he broke his leg, which left him out for the season.

Brian Marty says the experience was difficult for him, but because of his Christian faith, he was able to overcome the difficult experience.

“Being helpless and not being able to help my team out was very hard for me. I felt kind of lost for a bit and my faith helped me get out of that,” Brian Marty said.

According to Eric, the principles and values he was taught by his parents have formed his persona.

“My parents taught me  compassion but also discipline. It is the path I went and it impacts me by the way I coach. I’m always trying to model those characteristics and values,” Eric Marty said.

Back in Seattle, the Marty brothers have one older sister and two adopted brothers from Bulgaria.  The Marty brothers believe their brothers are a huge blessing to the family.

Although there is a great age difference between them, the Marty brothers look up to one another and see each other as role models.

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