Holiday Husky drive seeks donations

By: Jacquelyn V. Gonzalez


The Kinesiology Club is hosting the annual Holiday Husky Drive alongside the Association of Future Fire Fighters, as of yesterday and on through Thursday.

Those who would like to make donations can bring unopened toys, clothing that is in good condition, and canned foods.

Collecting stations will be located in the free speech area by the food truck, and will be open from 10am thru 2pm and 4pm thru 6pm. Donations can be made to either the Kinesiology Club or AFFF.

Aside from taking donations, both clubs are  fundraising, with AFFF by selling tamales and pan dulce. The Kin Club will also is sell churros, chapurrado and hot chocolate.

All proceeds that the AFFF collects will be given to the House of Ruth and The Boys and Girls Club and  will be given directly to them.

The House of Ruth is a program that shelters and assists women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

The Boys and Girls Club is an organization that assists children from all backgrounds, teaching them life skills, helping to build character and remain fit and healthy through sports activities.

Aside from educating children, this program also offers assistance for low income families.

Those who would like to make donations after the event is over can do so at C2-126B and at the Fitness Center in C10.  Drop-offs can be made between the hours of 11am and 5pm, until December 19.

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