Elan breaks into new industry

By Elizabeth Cunag

With visions that reach the sky, Sotero Delgado makes people’s ideas come to life one flight at a time.

Delgado is a 26 -year-old East Los Angeles College student who loves film. Since there are not many options at ELAC for film, Delgado is studying photography.

He hopes to transfer to UCLA and get a bachelors in film.

In  2014, Delgado became the mind behind U.V. Aerial and has been working hard to perfect his craft managing a small production company specializing in aerial cinematography and marketing.

Delgado chuckled when he recounted how it all began. “I bought my drone on an impulse,” he said, “because my dad was telling me how to spend my money and it upset me. My girlfriend wasn’t very thrilled, but I didn’t care.” He used the drone to combine his love for filming and cinematography.

Delgado had his drone for three months before getting his first paid gig, which catapulted his business into full drive.

His first job came from Craigslist after his girlfriend had been searching the ads for potential job opportunities.

“Despite my girlfriend’s opposition in the beginning, she saw my potential and my desire to succeed with my equipment,” Delgado said.

She found him a job at DVT marketing, where he covered the event called Christmas on Euclid in Ontario, California.

He is booked to cover the event a second time this year.

With that little push, U.V. Aerial has been going strong for the past year, collaborating on music videos.

He has worked with musicians big and small such as Def Jam, signed rapper WE55 and British pop group Stooshie in addition to producing countless real estate videos throughout the greater Los Angeles Area.

Delgado recalls one of his worst experiences that made him question whether he had made the right career choice.

During a routine filming session, Delgado’ experienced his first road block that almost took out one of his drones.

He was filming a tracking shot for a film called “Treebody,”in which the camera followed a client in a wooded area, when the drone hovered too low and crashed head on into tree branches and became stuck.

His shoot was canceled after the drone was damaged and he would not get paid for the work he had already done.

He had another job waiting but because of the crash he had to cancel that  job as well.

“I love to execute the vision that my clients set out for the videos we shoot. My shots are really important because they give a new fresh perspective that ground shooting can’t always achieve,” Delgado said.

When Delgado isn’t working on clients’ projects, he enjoys filming street art and making videos that showcase artist’s masterpieces.

He has worked with renowned street artists, such as Fin Dac and Angelina Christina.

Christina, a local Los Angeles artist, said “I really love going to unique locations, adding to an already beautiful thing and an already beautiful landscape… with Sotero’s help, my murals come to life in a new sense and that is truly beautiful.”

Delgado’s work with drones has motivated him to slowly blossom into a small, full-service production company to better service his clients’ needs.

His hope is to become a full-service international  marketing and production company.

“I’m very fortunate to be able to do what I love and make money. A lot of people can’t. That drives me to work harder every day and expand my business to its fullest potential,” he said.

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