Foo Fighters releases free EP

By Monet Soto

After the Foo Fighters displayed a mysterious countdown on their website, fans were surprised last Monday when a new EP was available for free download.

“Saint Cecilia” was released on Monday, November 23. The Foos are back and have not failed to deliver in their five-song EP, “Saint Cecilia”.

Front-man Dave Grohl had the charitable idea of making it free, as a way to thank the fans for their continued support.

The EP has also been dedicated to the victims of the terrorist attack in Paris. Following the attack, the band canceled the remaining leg of their European tour. Grohl stated that he hopes the release of the EP will lift spirits in light of the tragedy.

The band was inspired to record the EP during a stay at the Saint Cecilia hotel in Austin, Texas. The hotel is named after the patroness of music, Saint Cecilia who is the most famous of Roman martyrs and is also considered the protector of musicians. The band was in town for this year’s Austin City Limits Music Festival.

There is only one way to enjoy this EP: LOUD.  In their title track: Saint Cecilia, the listener is given what sounds like a reversion back to the days of their second album, “The Colour and Shape”. This track reminds us of the Foo Fighter’s signature sound. This song gives you enough chord changes and a variety of sound throughout the track to keep your ears happy until the last growl of Grohl’s “Saint Cecilia!”

The second track, Sean picks up the pace with a punk-rock tempo, complete with a repeated shouted vocal. The chant “Sean!” can be heard between guitar licks along with cowbell throughout the roaring chorus. Everyone could always use more cowbell!

This track may become “lost in the mix” as it doesn’t quite stand up to the other up-tempo songs on the track list. This includes Savior Breath, which is like a punch in the face with a Motörhead sound. This track wastes no time taking you into heavy metal goodness with heavy guitar and fast drum beats.

The more relaxed track of the bunch Iron Rooster, is also the second longest at four minutes, twelve seconds. It may not be the fan favorite of the EP, but it does make you want to sit on a porch somewhere and reflect; reminiscing on the things you could have done but never did. It makes you ask yourself the question “Have you ever been drunk enough to say what you want to say, without words getting in the way?”

Rounding out the track list, The Neverending Sigh puts your head-banging skills to the test. Get your air drums ready and don’t forget to do your neck exercises. This track has teen angst written all over it. It definitely smells like teen spirit.

As someone who jumped off the Foo train after their last album, Sonic Highways, I’d like to jump back on and head bang the whole ride.


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