Graffiti vandalizes the campus

By Vince Verdugo

Our campus restrooms have been vandalized; mirrors beyond repair that are no longer usable remain at our school. But it’s not just our campus that has a graffiti problem, it’s our city. From Downtown Los Angeles to our campus this problem persists in our modern society. This raises the question of why people are so uneducated as to destroy their own public property. By doing this anyone that makes graffiti is biting the hand that feeds. We need to raise awareness to this issue that plagues not only our city, but almost anywhere in the United States.

A solution to the problem on our campus is more intense enforcement. This problem has not even been brought to light at our campus; not a single notion can be heard on this issue here at ELAC. Even though the law says that destroying public property is illegal, when there is a lack of enforcement the law means nothing. On top of this nobody on our campus has shown any discernment towards the graffiti on campus. Everyone just acts like it doesn’t exist and goes on with their day. If more people started to give this issue some attention then we can work towards creating a graffiti-free ELAC.

Because this problem exists now it is going to persist. The amount of money it will cost to repair the graffiti right now is significant. The budget clearly isn’t unlimited to where money can be thrown away at repairs. And who’s to say that whoever destroyed our campus isn’t going to continue to do so? If we let this problem persist then it will only lead to more destruction of our campus which will cost even more money to repair and in turn provide less funding for our education. This problem is only a ticking time bomb ready to explode.

There is no silver bullet to fix this problem, some things are just difficult to deal with and this is one of them. Cameras cannot be placed in restrooms for obvious, legal reasons. Stricter enforcement cannot be applied without taking away certain rights of students that the United States stands for.

One thing that can be done is what we are on campus for, education. Ignorance is the reason that people graffiti in the first place. Studies have shown that the more education a person has the less likely they are to end up in jail or prison. The same applies for vandalizing public property. When an understanding is gained of why vandalism is biting the hand that feeds then it is no longer committed. The spreading of this notion is not difficult, our students just need to take this issue seriously and actually acknowledge it. Working together, we can take steps towards resolving this problem and bettering not only our campus, but our world.

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