Instructors plan trip focused on travel photography

By Fernando Cervantes

The photography instructors are looking for more people to sign up for their Irish Heritage study abroad program  next summer.

The trip expands over a period of nine to 12 days.

Students have the option of visiting between six to eight different locations based on their plan of choice.

”This trip to Ireland is about experiencing the progression of photography,” Aaron Lyle, a photography professor at ELAC, said.

Students are able to take pictures of things they witness on the trip that might seem out  of place or unordinary to people back home.

“You want to come back with a story, an experience. If there is no holy crap moment, there is no trip,” Lyle said.

He talked about an incident where he got lost in a subway station in the U.K. for not knowing how to ask the correct way of getting out.

“They don’t call the (it an) exit, they call it a way out.”

The class meets twice a week to prepare the students for the trip.

It addresses concerns from how much money they should bring, what belongings to take, what applications to use and the clothes they should pack.

The class advises them on how to come prepared while still traveling light.

Cameras will be assigned along with equipment that students will be responsible for.

Since there are  no prerequisites for the class, there will be lessons on how to use the camera and what to look for when taking pictures.

“How do you take pictures that  are  authentic, that are honest.”  Professor Lyle said.

During the trip, the plan is to give students the freedom to take pictures of the locations they visit.

Later on, the professors will look through their best pictures and give feedback on how the students can improve.

Students first have to sign up for the tour before being permitted to add the class.

The cost for the nine-day trip is $3,400 at the moment, but is subject to change based on the market price. The cost of the 12- day trip is $3,894.

Students have the option of requesting a single room for $200 more.

This option is recommended for students over 30 who might prefer more privacy.

The expenses not only cover the rooms but also the airfare, meals, transportation, guides and access to some events.

Financial aid and other similar options are available to students who qualify for it.

Currently there are three students who have signed up for the program.

Lyle hopes for there to be between 12 and 18 students by the time it gets close to departure.

The trip is to Ireland this time but the trip locations change each time it is offered.

For more information contact Lyle in photography in his office at E7 room B016B.

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