Students benefit from housing options

By Tanner Rose

With over 30,000 students at ELAC and students coming from all over California a housing option would be very beneficial to all students. Many students attending ELAC may not have a car or are also working a full time job while trying to go to school. Students without a car are going to have to take a bus which will take twice as long with all the stops. This complicates going to school for many students.

Even though ELAC is only a two-year school, most students take longer than two years to get where they can transfer to a university. Normally the thought of a community college having housing doesn’t make much since but with ELAC having just as many students as most universities it would make sense. Providing apartments or dorm options for students would take a lot of pressure and added stress away and students would be able to focus on their studies more efficiently.

A student who has work at night but needs to get some homework done while on campus probably will not have time to get that done because it’s going to take them two hours to get too work on a bus. If they lived on campus through housing provided by the school they could get a job near campus and have time to work on their studies.

With the addition of the new buildings on campus there is not much room to build dorms. However building dorms or apartments are not the only option. ELAC administration could develop a relationship with a nearby apartment complex to where ELAC students would get a cheaper rent. If using this plan students wouldn’t need to pay a monthly rent just an upfront money exchange to rent out the apartment a semester at a time.

Not only would doing this benefit the students on making attending college easier for them but would also help prepare them for the life style of transferring to a university. Most students are not going to be living at home with their parents when they go to a four year school. With students getting this experience in community college on living on their own, it can only make them that much more prepared to handle situations once they transfer.

When asking random students on campus 20 out of 50 said they would be interested in living in some sort of campus housing. Not everyone is going to need this option but being able to make school easier for around 40% of students while they are at ELAC; and preparing them outside of the classroom for four year universities , is worth looking into school housing.

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