New childcare program to start in spring

By Daniela Jalteco

The Child Development Center at East Los Angeles College started an all day Pre-K program in spring 2015.

The program was started to provide child care services to help assist students who want to continue their education, but can not find or afford a caretaker.

”There was a big group of low-income single mothers and they needed child care to go back to school,” Director of the Child Development Center Marcia Cagigas said.

She talked about how the campus noticed the student parents were having difficulty proceeding with their studies and that is why they started this program.

The all-day Pre-K program runs from 7:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Monday through Thursday.

“The program is a basic philosophy of learning a language through play, children touching things, their sensory skills, singing songs, building blocks. Through all this they learn science, math, reading and recognizing letters,” Cagigas said.

In order to be enrolled in the program, it requires children to be three to five years old. A minimum of two days enrollment per week is required.

Parents need to fill out an application and attend an orientation. Every child needs to have a physical before enrollment.

The Child Development Center offers breakfast, lunch and snacks to all children enrolled in its all-day program.

“We have some spots available for immediate enrollment,” Cagigas said.

The office is located at the Child Development Center in the A-1 building at the southeast side of campus. For more information, call the office line at (323) 265-8788.

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