Elans do not have school pride or unity

By Rudy Ojeda

Students at East Los Angeles College have been working hard and coming to school, only to not engage with other students in activities that better the school. On November 19, AIP club threw a student unity potluck to try and bring the students of ELAC together, only to not find much success.

What they did was bring in many club presidents along with their fellow members, but not many students who were not associated with clubs.

It is surprising to see how many clubs are now advocating something that is very important to the students of this school. If students do not educate themselves in what is happening at school, the students will suffer the most.

The president of the AIP club, along with presidents of other clubs such as Sociology, ESPA, Film, and NTSU, have been trying to gather a stronger student presence on campus. They want to make sure that students can help one another out and show pride for the unity of the school.

Speaking to the president of the NTSU Trinidad, everything they are advocating can be agreed with. The students here at ELAC all work and go to school only to become zombies to the lifestyle of a student.

This causes them to forget that ELAC is a small community and that students here can come together. Students have always thought of school as a place to learn and work hard, but what the clubs are advocating for, being unity, really teaches that students are not the only ones with these problems. Many students are in fact in the same situations as each other.

Seeing the huge presence of friendship and togetherness that the AIP club president was able to accomplish really shows that all students here want the same thing: to succeed in life and accomplish their goals.

ELAC really needs to unite and show its pride. Being a small community of students who are very diversified, students need to come together and show the city of Los Angeles who they are and that they are here together as a strong community.

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