More Options for ELAC Students

By Natalie Perez

East Los Angeles College should concede giving students more options by adding more academic departments.

A lot of the students who come to ELAC do so because the college is conveniently close to their homes or because their family members came here before them.

Most of them start with no idea of what career path they want to take. Eventually they choose to major in something that is offered at school, but only because they didn’t have the opportunity to explore other options.

Would an English major change their major if they knew they would make a great chef? Would somebody majoring in nursing consider cosmetology if the option was offered?

Many students will never find their true calling simply because the haven’t been exposed to things that truly interest them.

Students would greatly benefit from programs such as a culinary arts program, a cosmetology program, a construction program or even a fashion program, to name a few.

Adding programs would also attract more students who are already searching for colleges that offer the classes they wish to take. It would also help stop students from dropping out of ELAC to join other colleges. This would result in a larger number of graduating students.

It is a shame for students who enjoy attending ELAC to have to leave and go to another college because ELAC doesn’t offer the classes they want to take. It is also a shame for students to major in something they are not completely passionate about because they don’t want to leave ELAC.

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