ELAC professor strives to be best-selling author, actor

By Aliyah Allen

Robert Johnson, a public speaking professor at East Los Angeles College, is on a journey to make his acting career a success while striving to make his published book a bestseller.

Johnson teaches public speaking at ELAC, but also has many other job.

Johnson obtained his master’s degree at the University of Southern California and undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota.

When attending the University of Minnesota, he discovered he had dyslexia.

Johnson never let challenges get in the way of chasing his dreams.   The University of Minnesota played all his books on tapes to help with his learning disability. He was always challenged when he read lines because of his disability but he still wrote his own books.

Johnson studied to become a lawyer while he attended college. He earned multiple degrees in speech and theater from the University of Minnesota. Johnson was offered an opportunity at USC to teach acting. This motivated him to leave home and pursue his true passion.

Growing up, he was raised by his mother. Johnson’s father was an alcoholic. He witnessed his mother shoot his father in the foot to protect him. His  childhood was his inspiration behind his story telling.

Johnson has been in Verizon, Disney, Bud Light and Jordan commercials. He also directed three films, “Out of the gate,” “Clubbing,” and “Restrained.”

He has published three books, one of which is “How To Survive Speech 101,”  This book relates to his job as a professor. Johnson’s most popular book is “Convertible Chocolate,” which is a story about finding true love.

Johnson’s book “Convertible Chocolate,” is based on his life experiences.

“Writing this book gave me the courage to look at the true composition of who I am,” Johnson said.

Being honest with oneself is an essential step in finding true love in Johnson’s book. “I wrote ‘Convertible Chocolate’ because I was in pain and needed clarity,” Johnson said.

Johnson is planning on a late-January or  Valentine’s day for the worldwide release of his book,“Convertible Chocolate. “I’m excited about having an exclusive red carpet release here in LA,” Johnson said.

Johnson will be having a book tour to promote his book.

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